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What is Life ???

What is Life ???

What is life ??? or What is living??? Many will argue that breathing makes us alive but I agree to disagree. Breathing makes us exist. Existence is different from living. Something that exists eventually dies and finally forgotten. Living has a different scope of view. When you die physically, there is the possibility that you may live again. Many creatures existed on earth and that was the reason why their physical death was an end of everything that was related to their existence. Many of such extinct creatures make no contributions currently rather than Historical facts. There is no motivation or inspiration in their way of living. Existence gives an organism a chance to survive but not opportunity to actually live. Living has a different way of keeping things and organism alive even after the actual organism has a physical death. Someone who ever lived may live again for millions of years still connected with the living organisms either spiritually, emotionally, psychologically, or any other form. Physical death doesn’t stop life.

To the Christians, Jesus Christ lived 2000 years ago. He still lives in the hearts of all Christians. Through spiritual interventions, one is able to talk, feel, and connect with him. His presence is felt despite his physical absence. In the same case, many heroes and heroines like Martin Luther, Mother Teresa, and others still live with us because their actions and doings influence us in our daily life. In the same way, one is able to live forever if he/she lives accordingly. With me, life is well lived by how many people you bless and how many hearts you are able to reach and touch. If you focus on self, you will forever chase success and never be satisfied.

I see life as a cycle divided into four phases. Therefore, these phases should be carefully identified otherwise they bring chaos and disorientation in the world. If a phase is skipped or interchanged, there is an imbalance in the way things happens in the natural being. The problem with nature is that it doesn’t forgive or forget. Different people have different ways of implementation and execution of these phases.

Desire is the first phase in each persons’ life. It can be contributed by many factors which vary from individual to individual. Passion, hobby, talents, environment, and others are the key factors which determine our desire in life. Many derive desire based on what they are comfortable doing or what challenges them in daily life. Desire is actually what leads us into different career paths. Desire is linked with our will which is further linked to one’s soul. Every sane person has a soul (Mind, heart, and will) and this is where God’s trick is in his creations. However much we try to make artificial intelligence a reality, making a soul to a specific machine is the actual and real challenge.

The second phase is the Challenges. Different people face different challenges in their life based on their desires which are intertwined with their personality and their purpose in life. Every person sees life in a different angle. To one person it may seem as an obstacle while on the other person it’s an opportunity to grow and develop hence accept or deny the challenge. People like Nikola Tesla, Isaac Newton, Hopkins and others saw a challenge or an obstacle which became their “Personal Challenge” and later its defined as their life purpose. You will never face a challenge beyond your capability because any challenge you can identify is actually meant for you. The problem arises when we try to run from our personal defined challenges while trying to solve other people’s challenge which we barely understand. Therefore; Challenges == Desires.

The struggle is the third phase in life. Obviously, as a student, I don’t think if I can provide a solid evidence than what happens in the medical school or engineering schools compared to other schools. Being viable technically and professionally, one needs more effort and focus in whatever one is doing. This is actually evidence by the number of hours allocated and the actual “Struggle” that students have to go through. If Engineering == Challenge, then the Struggle are never that serious because you always have a legit way of making the best from any problem you face. The Same case, an Entrepreneur struggles more than that person who is comfortable waiting for the end month salary and probably have a 8 – 5 schedule. Therefore; Struggle == (Desire + Challenge).

The last phase of the life cycle is Success/Defeat. The essence of using the term “Cycle” is because the organism in the test is expected to live not exist. Hence, Success == (Struggle + Desire + Challenge). In other words, “success is the completion and fulfillment of the original intent or purpose of your existence.” Every creature has the ability to exist but very few actually make a living out of the opportunity of existence. Relating existence as the aspect of “human being” and living to “being human”. At the last phase, there are different classes of human beings but among them, two classes carry the bigger percentages and the defining factor: The “ordinary guys” and the “extraordinary guys”. Normally, for “ordinary guys” their struggle is basically acquisition of things like a good house, beautiful wife/ handsome husband, classy car, “Entertained” life, huge bank account and of course bragging rights among other self-life achievements. To the “Extraordinary guys”, life has a different meaning. They need more than what ordinary guys want so that they can have enough for themselves and also enough to share with others. To them, sharing, life changing, service to the humanity, and making the world a better place is their life purpose and goal. They take integrity, better universal living, and society prosperity as their major role in this world than normal richness that ordinary guys put 110% attention into. What is your definition of success and more so life at large???

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