"Imagination Beats Knowledge"



Work hard to have enough money so that you can make your dreams a reality, don’t work hard to make your dreams a reality because of money. If you work because of money, you will never achieve any of your goals or make your dreams become a reality. By making your dreams a reality, you are guaranteed of having more than enough. Failure in life starts when you put all your focus in money rather than your dreams and goals because it’s not the money that defines the success of an individual but his/her goals and dreams. Or rather it’s by how many lives you bless that your success is measured from. No matter how much you get, there will always be somebody with much more than yours. When you focus on your dreams and goals, success comes chasing you pants downs. When personal success is attained, satisfaction is therefore attained which narrows down to the achievement of the life purpose which I believe everyone was assigned to achieve under the sun.

Man’s life purpose defines his success. No matter how rich or poor you are, you will never attain your life satisfaction with the money you have. People die with a lot of money but still desperate. Still, people die very poor with nothing but still very desperate for satisfaction. I’m not against wealth and money, but I’m against those awkward life moments where money tends to overtake the actual purpose of life. Money can get you the most beautiful woman on the planet but can’t grant you the love that you need for her, but still, poverty can’t. But money can afford you to have the most experienced doctors in the planet with the most advanced systems but they can’t prevent you from death, in the same case, poverty can’t. I don’t encourage people to hate money, in fact, I encourage everyone to have more than enough because money makes our dreams and goals becomes a reality. With enough, you can have almost all you need.

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