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#Safaricom_Twaweza : Share your story, feel the passion

#Safaricom_Twaweza : Share your story, feel the passion

Sunday, 3:12:15 am. Seated attentively under the umbrella of Safaricom NOC, populating a ticket of a Hub which had 2_3G and 1_2G cells out service for 11 minutes due to a TX failure. “Hello, Blah! Blah! Blah! This is Collie from Safaricom NOC. I’m calling to inform you about the hub which has lost three sectors due to a TX fault. I’ve checked with the TX guys and they have confirmed the fault.” The conversation continues and the problem is finally resolved within few minutes.

I could probably be dead asleep in my warm bed dreaming with that one lovely girl [#kalenjin_dollar] in my life but I’m not. I could be thinking about all the magic that happens from the time you make a call until the call is terminated but I’m also not doing so: Thanks to the written interview at JCC, which made me learn this stuff. Being a night owl, maybe I could be listening to instrumentals while trying to figure out the most suitable algorithm for both the Arduino-based security systems that I’m building but I’m also not doing so. I could also be in a bar somewhere surrounded by the so-called“beautiful girls” – and I mean “gals” since I have Safaricom Badge (Who knows) and its past 25th: God forbid. Little do they figure out that He is a mere intern and start careless whispers: Oops! He is just an intern.

Obviously, since I’m a Christian I could probably be resting so that to make it on time to the first English service and be present for youth event afterward in the afternoon. Ironically, [English service] – I wonder if this kind of service is currently available back in Ontulili. Anyway, the farthest I can go is Swahili service at least not to look “ignorant and proud” back in the village. And also to make African Woman comfortable. The point is, I may fail to understand why but my B*ls are telling me that I’m doing something great – God knows it. I’m pretty sure that the True African Woman who gave birth to this warrior is proud of him wherever she is. I had to mention her.

I not doing all that but on the contrary, I’m manning the backbone of the Kenyan Economy. I mean it – The Nerve. I’m not even feeling asleep though I should because I was supposed to rest so that I could be ready to handle my second night shift. I don’t know why I didn’t sleep though I had the chance to do so. Maybe I can have a perfect guess: I’m excited about my new role. Scientifically, Excitation is never advisable especially to the elements whose characteristics aren’t favorable to the conditions being exposed to. Having fear and being excited are both the same only that both operate at the opposite extreme ends. I really doubt if that’s what makes my body recharge often without having a “proper rest” – as they call it. From the look of things, it’s like I have been awake for more than 42 hours with less than 4 hours of proper rest.

Sleep is like a debt and it has a way of making sure that you pay everything that belongs to Him up to the last coin.[Matthew 22:21]. After the shift, I’m prepared for 6-11 hours of sleep. This is what Methuselah used to call love for what you do. Under this circumstances, I can clearly relate the famous quote: You don’t hate Mondays; you hate the job. My definition of this was that you probably need to create an environment that you don’t need a vacation from. Doing what makes you be excited on Monday is probably what everyone should be doing. I think now with this kind of word selection someone is probably asking: Is this nigga a motivational speaker or what??? He is giving the usual crap that Miles Monroe, Jakes, Tony, Simon, and others keep singing about. Cut that crap off!!!

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