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Love Triangles

Love Triangles
Love Triangle
Love Triangle

I don’t know much about this but let me try to get it off my chest and my shoulders too. A fellow Engineer used to refer to it as a Motor-Rotor-Stator affair. They will forever keep chasing one another. Why such kind of affair? I came to understand that however fast or slow they are they will never catch each other. The point is, you are truly loved by someone whom you don’t love in return instead you love someone who loves someone, someone who loves someone and none of them loves each other in return. You end up loving someone who actually doesn’t love you as much as you love him/her but he/she loves someone else as much as you love him/her. They call it the love triangle; I call it the love-life mystery.

It’s believed that the more you think about something the clearer it tends to be but not with this one. The more you think about it, the more confusing it becomes. At the same time, the more you try to assume it the more ideas are generated about the same. So what exactly should be done? The rumour has it that angels keep on getting devils and vice versa. The “Holier” than thou getting evil, beautiful and handsome for ugly, and vice versa. The deep you dig into the ancient books of wisdom the more perplexing it becomes. Should we just call it forces of nature that rule the world or the supernatural forces that balance different phenomena in the universe?

Some say life is just meant to be lived without much analysis because of its complex combination of so many functions and factors which hold many assumptions. The more ordinarily you live it the better you are but at the same time, you miss a lot of mysteries reserved for those who explore and accept to live extraordinarily. I do translate the same concept in love issues as both hold baffling concepts in my own way of understanding. Should we just do as the Bible say? Love all and more importantly love even more those who don’t love you back. Honestly, such kind of love is hard to find but it still exists. Similarly, there is much honour in loving those who don’t love you in return than loving those who love you.

A Wiseman once told me, “when you find that one who truly loves you, try to truly love them and try as hard as you can to keep them close to your heart as much as you can. It might be hard because I don’t guarantee a perfect connection and smooth ride but if you truly persist, at the end of it all, it turns out to be perfect.” The Bible still insists that whoever finds a good wife (not a good husband), finds favour with God. In my own way of understanding, a man is supposed to have a woman whom he and only he – loves. The Motor-Rotor-Stator affair disqualifies while qualifies this theoretically and practically in a greater proportion.

Agreeing to disagree with every past experience based on proven theories and none practical love experiences that it’s actually basic to love without thinking or trying to understand about it. When you truly and honestly love, there is no enough explanation or proof that can justify that you love. When you are willing to take a bullet for someone who is not your family (a stranger whom you have only met and you haven’t even known each other), I don’t think if there is the best word which can describe it all than just – LOVE. That’s why when you love, you just love. There is no time limit for love. Love at the first sight is not only a valid phrase but a true statement that should never be mistaken with lust. If you can verify and authenticate this phrase you can, therefore, agree that #Titanic thing can be a reality making love not only a reality but life aspect that cannot be overruled by any factor. Nature has it, fate holds an enormous factor in our life, and God knows it all.

Love Triangle
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