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A Letter

A Letter

Your children’s examinations are about to start soon. I know you are really anxious for your child to do well. But please do remember, amongst the student who will be sitting for this exam; there is an Artist who doesn’t understand Maths, there is an Entrepreneur who doesn’t care about History, there is a Musician whose Chemistry marks won’t matter, there is a Sportsperson whose physical fitness is more important than Physics. If your child does get top marks, that’s great. But if he/she doesn’t, please don’t get away the self-confidence and dignity. Tell them it’s okay, it’s just an exam. They got much bigger things to conquer in life. Tell them no matter what they score, you love them and you will not judge them. Please do this and when you do, watch your children conquer the world. One exam or low mark won’t take away their dreams and talents. Please don’t think that Engineers and Doctors are the only happy people in the world.

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