"Imagination Beats Knowledge"

Just Be A Bird And Fly

Just Be A Bird And Fly


Limitations only exist in our minds. We are slaves of what we constantly process in our minds. Similarly, whatever guarantees our freedom is what we allow our minds to digest and condition it to believe. As they say, imagination trumps knowledge; so does our minds limit us and builds boundaries that in the long run ends up being impossible to cross. Imagination is limitless but we have grown to believe that politics, race, tribe, religion, country, language, or any other thing can create a rift between us and our imagination. The truth is physical boundaries are less scary than the psychological or mental ones. A human creates physical boundaries but they can be demolished in just a second. Ask the Germans, they did it. In the contrary, mental slavery or rather limitations take months, years, decades, and even centuries to do away with. Ask a tribal Kenyan, and you have all the facts. Humans are created with the ability to curve everything they want into being but often do they end up living in a limited edition kind of life.

Harun Yahya noted: I always wonder why birds stay in the same place when they can fly anywhere on earth. And then I ask myself the same question. As Mark Twain put it, the secret of getting ahead is getting started. And that’s where people get stuck. You are literally like the birds. You could fly anywhere you want but I know you have a list of excuses and all of them are valid. You’ve got a job, you don’t have enough capital, what will your friends think of you, you have strict parent, you need to pass your exams, you don’t have the job that pays well, your family fully depends on you, you are doing this or that course, you can only speak English, you don’t have a passport… The list is endless.

There are a thousand real reasons not to go but the truth is that none of them matter. The truth is, if you want to build something in your life then you have to remember what Mark Twain said. You have to get started because at the end of the day that is literally the only thing that’s holding you back. You are not moving and once you get the simplicity of that: once you understand that you could act right now, you will definitely stop making excuses and giving in to them. No matter how valid they are, they are excuses and excuses are never good. No matter how real they may seem to be. You can finally decide that you are going to get up, keep moving and create that momentum. And by so doing, you’ll get something done and finally find some answers because humans before you have done it. That’s a simple truth. It’s good to keep reminding your inner self that everything else is the weak voice in your mind, holding you back, and making you a less version of yourself.

And so I ask:

Why doesn’t the bird fly wherever it wants to go???

Because that’s what’s known???

Because that’s what’s safe???

Because that’s what’s comfortable???

Or because it’s a dumb animal???


What do you want to be???

Not What but WHO do you want to be???

If this isn’t the life you want to live: Do something about it. Just fly… fly… fly and fly to any place you want to go. At least give your mind a Visa, commission your private jet to the best captain, ensure you have enough gas, and at also to be on the safer side operate within the military radar. Just roll and roll and if possible just teleport even beyond Pluto so that when you are back you have a lot to share with us. It’s a free world. If need be, become the eagle and sore to the greater heights but in case you can’t be, just be a bird and fly. Remember a bird in the air is safer than the one on the ground. Similarly, a mind with better imagination is far much greater than the one conditioned with all the existing science and facts.


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