"Imagination Beats Knowledge"

If I was a poet

If I was a poet

If I was a poet, I could have written 10000 words about this picture but since I’m not, I can only observe and do careless whispers to me, myself, and I. Otherwise, I saw a lady in her. I saw the mother in her. I could “heart-visual” see love growing while blindfolded in an abyss for almost a century now. As the old-wise man used to phrase it: she served as the mother, the sister, the daughter, and the street “phone-star”. She had it all especially bed-rated on the “Pon-scale”. I saw that perfect human. Of course, 80/20 rule applies to make it a perfect system. I didn’t notice how time was traveling that fast. I came to realize later that I was traveling at the speed of light making time seem like it was at stand-still. It is a century now but I can actually recall every moment like yesterday. Yes!!, for sure I saw it. I was just a blind-poor chap (poor in the heart not in spirit – note the difference) who saw everything linearly for that moment, unfortunately, time was being expounded exponentially. (Blind-hearted not blind-sighted). As a one-year-old boy, I can’t tell if I was right or wrong. But currently being 94 years old I can now relate and conclude with much considerations put in place. 71 years back, I can say that I did a mistake to like her. Oops, I mean Love her. Mistakes are the best lessons if they are well appreciated. Luckily, as they say, you have to kiss may frogs of course before you meet the right one. But it’s an awful medicine to taste and swallow. Accepting that beautiful fish-like creature will grow and turn into that ugly “toad” is the bitter truth we have to face daily. It’s hard to believe the kind of mortal it will turn into that few will want to relate with. Of course, the beauty of nature is that it always has a way of balancing everything. While making toad from that beautiful being, on the other hand, butterfly turns things around. She was afraid of the caterpillar that after it becomes butterfly she falls in love with it. I’m sorry, I meant she like it, but grammatically acceptable due to the fact that she “fall”. It wasn’t a process that’s why it changes exponentially. Similarly, he was in love with the fish-like living being only to realize it was almost impossible to continue loving it due to its nature. Loving it was a problem, leave alone “liking” it. Time complexity efficiency cannot apply to this since as He processes his moments linearly, She looks at them exponentially. Both butterfly and frog have one life to live but both take it differently. It’s always just a matter of time before thing turns decent or wicked. Both have to co-exist in the different niche all times while being in the same ecosystem at times in order to mutually support each other. Anyway, the beauty of life is that it’s a journey, not a destination and nature has to be self-sustaining to support different lives.


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