"Imagination Beats Knowledge"


18th – 24th June 2017

No great mind was ever tamed because they are born wild.

(K. A. Muriungi)

11th – 17th June 2017

Only ordinary minds  are tamed to live as per the rules. Break the rules not the law and make yours that falls within you standards. Remember, rules are made by the extra-ordinary for the ordinary.

(K. A. Muriungi)

4th – 10th June 2017

Understand this is world and we are not in heaven nor are we in hell, we are humans and not angels or devils. It all depends on what we make ourselves and the world we are living.


28th – 3rd June 2017

When you feel too comfy doing something; remember it’s either below your standard or you are afraid of doing that which challenges you. Growth and development comes from challenges we face daily.

(K. A. Muriungi)

21st – 27th May 2017

Whatever you feel like not doing because its hard or for whatever reason makes you fear it is exactly what you should be doing. The  right thing to do always makes you fear it at first.

(Kepha Atika)

14th – 20th May 2017

Every experience – no matter how bad it may seem at first, holds a blessing of some kind. The task is to look keenly through it and find the  hidden treasure. In most cases, only those with good attitude actually finds the blessing in every experience.

(K. A. Muriungi)

7th – 13th May 2017

A life not lived for others is not a life.
(Mother Teresa)

30th April – 6th May 2017

It’s during the dark times that we discover who we are and what we are actually made of. Strong muscles are made during the hard times. It’s hard to rediscover yourself while in comfort.
(K. A. Muriungi)

23rd – 29th April 2017

Your reasons to have a successful life should always lie beyond the Self.
(K. A. Muriungi)

16th – 22nd April 2017

The value of man is not by the money he has but by the way people treats him.
(Dr. James Mwangi – CEO Equity)

9th – 15th April 2017

Education is a social vaccine for poverty.

2nd – 8th April 2017

We can make our life better by making mistakes unknowingly but not repeating the same mistakes unknowingly.
(K. A. Muriungi)

26th – 1st April 2017

Never be a Flag.
(K. A. Muriungi)

19th – 25th March 2017

No one should seek their own good, but the good of others.
(1 Cor. 10:24)

12th – 18th March 2017

Given everything that you’ve always wished for. What would you do to keep your name alive for 1000 years after you are dead? We all have a purpose and reason in life to make this world a better place.What will you be remembered for???

(K. A. Muriungi)

5th – 11th March 2017

It’s an easy task to fight against your knowledge but not your faith because faith gives knowledge life. Hence, knowledge without imagination and faith is dead.

(K. A. Muriungi)

26th Feb – 4th March 2017

Don’t Chase Success, Chase Excellence and Success will come chasing you panting with pants down. Success without excellence is like a new car without fuel. It has all needed but can’t help anyone.

(K. A. Muriungi)

19th – 25th Feb 2017

Sharing makes you overcome greed and provide the satisfaction that money can’t. ONLY Rich people have enough to share with others. The poorest man on the planet is the one who doesn’t have anything to share. If you had NO money, How rich would you be? 

(K. A. Muriungi)

12th – 18th Feb 2017

The Knowledge you have determines the quality of mistakes you make in life since knowledge and mistakes are inversely proportional. 

(K. A. Muriungi)

5th – 11th Feb 2017

Software has no end, if you can imagine it, you can program it, if you can program it, it becomes real.
(Vint Cerf, Ph.D – IEEE Fellow , V-President & Chief Internet Evangelist, Google)

29th Jan – 4th Feb 2017

Born to Serve Humanity as it is Service to God.

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