"Imagination Beats Knowledge"



Robert Lee said:

I cannot trust a man to control others who cannot control himself.

Leadership is not about leading yourself and then graduating to lead others. You cannot lead others if you cannot lead yourself. You need to learn to lead and not to be led. Many sober minds qualify to be leaders but not all readers are leaders. A leader lives a life governed by his/her terms. He understands his purpose and has a defined way of doing things so that he can achieve the set goals.

It’s not the success that makes us happy in life but it’s the fulfillments, satisfaction, and accomplishments. Every individual has a different definition of success which entails personal goals and desires. When personal goals are fulfilled it makes it realistic for an individual to claim success. Success without fulfillment is a failure. Life fulfillments comes with massive change. Change happens when you be yourself and not by yourself. With fulfillment, one is able to live a free, contented, unlimited, vibrant, motivated, healthy, and inspired life. Success gives life a good taste but fulfillment makes it more delicious. Fulfillments guarantees a healthy relationship and a passion for life which can thereafter be maintained by life fulfillments, satisfaction, and accomplishments.

Change is a progressive transformation which should always be maintained by leaders. Therefore, to change you need to be a leader. To be a great person, you need to be a leader. Great people always leads.  A leader is always focused and determined since a leader never settles for less than he/she can be. Leader strives to make their lives better and also for everyone else who surrounds them. They have a tendency of forcing and making others discover their potential. It’s not what we get in life that makes us happy but it’s who we are and whom we become.

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